Fast Cloth vs. Slow Cloth

Fast Cloth vs. Slow Cloth

There’s a terminology amongst the Pool crowd in reference to the Felt used on the tables. Fast and Slow. Let’s look at the dynamics of each of these types of Pool Table Cloth. The differences are why you should always take a few test shots to get a feel of whether the table is “fast” or “slow.”


Fast cloth does exactly what the name entails. It offers the less resistance to the balls as they travel across the playing area. This can throw a lot of players off their game as they have to adjust their strike velocity and calculations for banks etc.


Slow cloth, obviously, plays slower than fast cloth. It’s usually quite a bit thicker and since the balls weight sinks down into the cloth, it loses some of its momentum while travelling. Slow cloth is best for practicing and getting a feel for your shots. It’s easier to adjust to a slow cloth than it is a fast one.

Keep in mind, as the cloth wears, over time it will become thinner and faster. Starting with a fast cloth is going to eventually feel like there’s no felt at all on the surface and like playing on flat slate with no cushioning at all between your balls and the surface.

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